Prior to the start of December, Microsoft announced it would be making two games in its catalog available for free through the company’s Games with Gold program for Xbox 360 owners who are also Xbox Live Gold members. The first half of the month would be dedicated to giving Xbox 360 players Gears of War, a third-person shooter that was released seven years ago which we’re sure you probably played some point in time if you own the console. The second half of the month would feature Ubisoft’s Shoot Many Robots, and as you can probably see from today’s date, the game will be free starting today up until the end of the year.


Shoot Many Robots is a four-play co-op scrolling shooter that was released onto the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network back in March 2012. As you could safely assume from the title of the game, you’ll be tasked with shooting robots. Lots and lots of robots. And along the way, you’ll be unlocking new gear for your character to increase his stats to make him an even leaner, meaner robot-killing machine.

If you have yet to play Shoot Many Robots, head on over to your Xbox 360 and give it a download. I mean, it is free for the rest of December.

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