square-updateNot all credit card readers are created equal, as the creators of Square will tell you that. Square has already made the leap across the Pacific to Japan, despite the fact that this credit card reader has not garnered that much attention to date. Well, perhaps things will change for the more exciting this time around with the introduction of a totally new Square Reader to kick things off. This new Square Reader is said to be 45% thinner compared to its predecessor, which allows Square to be so confident of mentioning that this is the “thinnest mobile card reader on the market.”

To make sure that the design remains as thin as possible without having to suffer from any compromises in the performance, Square had to go back to the drawing board in order to custom design the bunch of key components within. Among these changes would include the magnetic read-head as well as spring which were specially designed to deliver a far more accurate card swiping experience. Apart from that, it also features custom electronics within a single chip, letting it rely on the plugged-in device for power so that you need not have to carry more weight than necessary. It is said that the new and improved Square Reader will hit nearly 30,000 retail stores from next year onward.

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