We think it’s safe to say that no matter what kind of job you have, there’s going to be one time in your life where you have a “bosshole” of a boss. No matter what you do, everything is seen in a negative light, even though you know that you’re probably one of the company’s best employees. But if your boss is being especially “bossholey” one day, Thanko’s USB head massager may just be the thing to get rid of the constant headaches you get from your boss.


The Thanko USB Head Massager features a one-size-fits-all style as you can easily adjust it to fit around your dome when needed. To get it started, just plug it into any open USB port at your desk or in your home, and hopefully, all of the stress you’ve received from your boss will magically melt away. Don’t have an open USB port? No worries as the head massager also runs on batteries, which would help during those long trips with your boss where USB ports aren’t easily accessible.

The Thanko USB Head Massager is available for around $30 in Japan. We doubt Thanko would ship to the U.S., although there certainly are websites out there that would ship products from Japan to the states. Hopefully you can find a USB Head Massager to help relieve the stress of your bosshole of a boss.

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