viber-win8It was slightly more than a week ago when we brought you word on how Viber offers phone call capability now, and here we are with word that Viber for Windows 8 has rolled out. Just a little bit of history lesson before we continue – Viber first rolled out on the desktop back in May earlier this year, offering support for the PC and Mac platforms. This time around, the offer has been extended to those of you who use Windows 8 as the operating system of choice, where it comes complete with features that are special to the operating system.

In Viber for Windows 8, one is able to pin conversations directly to the Start screen, snap Viber over to the side of the screen by taking advantage of Snap View, as well as look for Viber contacts through the use of the universal search charm. Just like all of the other Viber versions that are currently available, Windows 8 users, too, are able to perform a quick switch between desktop and mobile with but a single touch of a button. Viber CEO and founder Talmon Marco shared, “This is the natural next step for Viber following our support for Windows Phone 8, bringing a fully compatible and custom designed version of Viber to Microsoft’s touch-friendly OS. Windows 8 is an exciting platform to develop for, and brings a whole new set of UI elements and unique functionality to Viber for the first time. We are excited to support Viber users on Windows 8 and this is part of our commitment to wide, cross platform availability.” [Press Release]

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