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Viber Offers Users Local Numbers In The U.S.
Viber has added new functionality to its service which will be useful particularly for people who tend to travel a lot. It’s providing users with the option to subscribe to a “local number” which will be able to receive phone calls and text messages the way that calls and messages are sent to mobile numbers in those particular markets. The local numbers are available in the United States, Canada, and […]

Uganda Imposes Social Media Tax To ‘Stop Gossip’
Social media can be used for good or bad. For example we’ve seen instances of how social media can help return a lost pet to its owner, but it can also be used for the bad where we’ve seen how social media can be used to bully others online, creating a mob-like mentality. This is why Uganda thinks imposing a social media tax could be one way to manage it.

Viber Wants You To Start Shopping From Your Keyboard
One of the reasons why online shopping is so popular is the fact that you can shop from just about anywhere. You can shop while on the go, while sitting on the toilet, while eating, and have it all delivered to your home when it’s all said and done. So what if you were chatting halfway with a friend on a messenger platform and could buy something on the spot? […]

Viber Announces New Chat Extensions
Unlike computers where we can swap between apps quickly, mobile operating systems aren’t quite as quick when it comes to multitasking, plus the lack of keyboard/mouse shortcuts also means a lot more input on our part. This is why it has become increasingly important for apps to be able to offer users features that do not require them to swap between apps.


Viber Update Adds Inline YouTube Playback Feature
It’s safe to say that messenger platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are some of the most popular messenger apps these days, but if you’re more of a Viber user, or maybe if you use Viber for chatting with specific people, then you might be interested to learn that the app has recently received an update that makes it easier to watch YouTube videos.

Viber Secret Chats Feature Has Been Rolled Out
Viber confirmed last week that it would soon release a secret chats feature for its more than 800 million users across the globe. This feature would add an ephemeral fair to text chats as recipients wouldn’t be able to take a screenshot, the chats will have a self-destruct timer and protection against message forwarding as well as an additional layer of security provided by Viber’s end-to-end encryption. Viber has now […]

Viber Secret Chats Feature Arrives Later This Week
Viber is one of the many popular cross-platform messaging services out there. The company recently announced a new feature for its service which enables users to set time-limits for how long a photo and video will be visible inside a conversation. It’s going to introduce a secret chats feature later this week which will have an additional layer of privacy as these chats will prevent screenshots and messages will delete […]

Viber Gets Self-Destructing Photos And Videos
Ephemeral messaging, better known as messages, photos, and videos that self-destruct after a set period of time, were made popular by Snapchat even though the feature has existed for a long time in one form or the other. Snapchat is really what brought ephemeral messaging to the mainstream. Many cross-platform messaging applications offer similar functionality now. Viber is the latest messaging service to enable users to send photos and videos […]

Viber Launches Public Accounts For Businesses
Viber is stepping up its game with the launch of a new feature today aimed at businesses and brands. This cross-platform messaging service is a competitor to the likes of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. It’s not one that can be ignored seeing as how Viber has more than 800 million users across the globe. It has launched Public Accounts today to make it easier for those users to connect with […]

Viber For Windows 10 Gets Video Calling, Leaves Beta
The first version of Viber’s universal app for Windows 10 was released last month. Viber has taken in all of the feedback it has received from users since then and created an updated version which brings features that many users have requested. The new Viber for Windows 10 update also sheds the beta badge so it’s truly good to go now. Video calling is one of the major features that […]

Viber Will Now Allow Users To Send Each Other Money
Say you and your friends go out for a meal and someone pays for the meal first. You could pay your friend back by giving them cash, sending it via internet banking, sending it via PayPal, or in the case of more modern day messengers, you can just send it straight to them via a message, a feature that has finally made its way onto Viber.

Viber For Windows 10 Finally Released
It has been over a year since Viber confirmed that it was developing a universal app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Viber didn’t really give any detailed updates on the development progress, but it did confirm a few months ago that work was ongoing. Last month it released the app to beta testers and today Viber for Windows 10 has finally been released to the public, albeit in […]

WhatsApp Found To Be The Most Popular Messaging App In The World
In certain countries, there are certain messaging apps that users prefer. For example over in Thailand, messaging apps like LINE are more popular, while over in China, they might prefer WeChat. However generally speaking, a report from Similar Web has found that WhatsApp remains the most popular messaging app in the world.

Viber For Windows 10 Mobile Being Released To Beta Testers
About a year back Viber confirmed that it would release a universal app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. It appears that the company has now started rolling out the official Viber for Windows 10 Mobile app to beta testers. Multiple reports have come in from people who have received this app and have taken it for a spin on their Windows 10 Mobile-powered smartphones.