Vanity URLs serve a much more greater purpose than just allowing you to pick out a really cool moniker for your profile. They make it easier for people to discover you, assuming that you have no qualms with that, and they are also much shorter than conventional URLs which means that sharing them is as easy as telling someone your name. We’re already accustomed to using vanity URLs on Twitter and Facebook, but starting tomorrow, Vine users will also be able to reserve their very own monikers, which will then be displayed as “

Registration for vanity URLs begin tomorrow at 9 am PT, at first Twitter, which owns Vine, will only allow those with verified Twitter accounts to reserve monikers. Users with verified accounts who don’t want a URL tied to the Twitter username can request a different URL, provided that it hasn’t already been registered by someone else. The average users will not be allowed to register until December 23rd. The process isn’t going to be too hard. Users will simply need to log into their accounts and follow the instructions to register their very own vanity URL. Once it is registered, it can’t be registered by someone else. Users aren’t compelled to do this though, its purely optional.

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