xiaomi-seaThe capitalist market basically says this, may the best company win. That would mean being on the lookout always to expand one’s market beyond what is currently available at the moment, or creating one if there are none. Xiaomi has been pretty successful in the markets which it is in at the moment, and they include China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The thing about capturing the China market is this – with more than 1 billion plus people living there, you can already “make it big”, so to speak, by coming up tops. If you want to increase your revenue, it is time to look elsewhere. Xiaomi intends to do this, and they have cast their eyes on South East Asia with the city state of Singapore being the first stop.

Hugo Barra mentioned about Xiaomi’s future at a press event that took place in Taiwan recently, where he claimed that Xiaomi is attempting to get their “operations for Southeast Asia set up as quickly as possible.” Singapore happens to be an important starting point in the region, and hopefully, from there, it will spread to the likes of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and further up north. Would it also signal the wane of BlackBerry in the select South East Asia markets that it has held on strong all this while?

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