nokia-lumia-1520-review-17The Nokia Lumia 1520 is currently available via carriers and retailers but unfortunately it is only available in a 16GB version at the moment, although users do have the option of expanding its memory through a microSD card. However we guess there are those who might prefer using onboard memory instead and are finding 16GB not enough for their usage. Well the good news is that according to Windows Phone Central’s sources, it has been rumored that AT&T could be opening up orders for a 32GB version of the Lumia 1520 come 10th of January. However it seems that this offering will be only available online, meaning that you will need to purchase it from AT&T’s website as opposed to walking into their stores.

It has been rumored for a while that a 32GB version of the handset would be arriving soon, so we guess the 10th of January date isn’t completely out of the question. It is unclear how much more will Nokia/AT&T be asking for the 32GB version, but we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for more information. The 32GB model could also be of interest to those who store a lot of photos, videos, and music on their phones, especially since with up to 64GB of microSD card support, one could potentially have 96GB worth of storage on their device, but do check back with us on the 10th of January for the details!

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