Apple-sign-logo110712125041We have been hearing the rumors that later this year, Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone with a much larger display, specifically that of the 4.7” display, and another of the 5.7” display. Well according to a recent report published in China, multiple Foxconn insiders have apparently revealed that both these device display rumors are indeed true, although given that this is hardly official information, do take it with a grain of salt for now. The insiders have also revealed that both these alleged iPhone models will also come with a biometric sensor which we can only assume they are referring to Touch ID, Apple’s latest iPhone feature that recently made its way into the iPhone 5s.

It was only back in 2012 that Apple finally increased the size of its iPhone displays with the iPhone 5 and it did take a while for developers to catch up in terms of updating their apps to fit the new display. While we expect that Apple will eventually increase its display size, would they be making such a dramatic jump from 4” to 4.7”, and more importantly to 5.7”, thus entering the phablet space and compete with the likes of Samsung? Not completely out of the question, but definitely a little far-fetched as well. In any case we expect Apple to launch new iPhones later this year, presumably in the fall of 2014 as they typically have for the past couple of years, but until then, take it with a grain of salt.

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