bem-wireless-speaker-watchWhat you see above sure as heck looks like a watch, but the question to ask is, is this a timepiece to begin with? The answer would be, “No”. Pretty strange, don’t you think so? Let us explain what the Bem Wireless Speaker Watch is all about from the get go. This is worn around your wrist like a normal timepiece, but what it does is actually to function as a regular portable speaker, playing back tunes to anything compatible device that is connected to it wirelessly. The Bem Wireless Speaker Watch will use a Bluetooth connection to hook up to your smartphone or tablet, and it will then be able to play back for all and sundry to hear what you have on your playlist at that point in time.

Heck, you can also get that conference call done, although most of the modern day smartphones already come with more than a decent loudspeaker option to get the job executed well. The Bem Wireless Speaker Watch would retail for $70 a pop just in case you are interested, and the colors that it comes in could be rather gaudy in nature when you think about it – we are talking about extremely bright shades of aqua, pink, and kermit green, although for those who prefer to lay low, there are the standard issue white, black, and gray colors.

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