chrome-win8Microsoft’s Windows operating system and Google’s Chrome OS can be considered rivals of sorts, but it looks like Google might have fired the first shot as they have officially released the final version of Chrome 32 for Windows 8 after it had been in beta for a fairly lengthy period of time. If you’re thinking isn’t Chrome already available on Windows 8? Well yes it is, but with the release of Chrome 32, Google is releasing a version of their Chrome browser that basically looks like Chrome OS is running within the Windows 8 operating system, which some are calling a true Trojan Horse on Google’s part.

So basically instead of just your regular browser, Chrome 32 will allow users to enjoy a new user interface and a Metro mode which basically turns your screen into a Chrome OS-like user interface where you can run multiple browser windows, along with a shelf at the bottom left hand corner of the screen where you can access a variety of Google’s apps and services, like Gmail, Google search, Google Docs, YouTube, and etc. Overall the new Chrome 32 release has been designed for touch input in mind, which is reportedly more intuitive compared to previous releases, although some work still needs to be done.

Will this make Windows users want to switch out to Chrome OS after experiencing a simulation on their Windows computers? Granted it could be hard to give up some of the features and functionality of the Windows platform, but at the very least it will give Windows users a taste of what could be.

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