corsair-mx-rgb[CES 2014] The Corsair MX RGB Project happens to be a collection of 100% mechanical keyswitches that boasts of a per-key 16.8 million color backlighting which will end up, fingers crossed, as the most amazing gaming keyboard that you will ever lay your eyes upon. Yes, even more than the Optimus keyboards of the past that cost a bomb and took forever to hit the market, albeit in extremely limited quantities.

California-based Corsair and Germany-based Cherry Corp. are the ones behind the debut of the “MX RGB Project” gaming keyboard, where it can be best described to be a technology showcase than anything else. The Corsair MX RGB Project happens to be based on a Vengeance K70 gaming keyboard that has been fitted with new Cherry MX RGB keyswitches, so that gamers will be able to enjoy the vast level of customization and game enhancing benefits of per-key 16.8 million color backlighting. It will surely make playing in the dark extremely distracting, hopefully more for your opponents than for yourself! Expect the second half of this year to see the Corsair MX RGB Project being brought to life – i.e., the market, and it will arrive in several Cherry switch types of super-fast Cherry MX Red, the light tactile feedback of Cherry MX Brown, or the tactile and audible feedback provided by Cherry MX Blue.

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