There’s one major issue that all-electric car manufacturers have to deal with, range. Electric batteries might be developed to the point where they can offer milage similar to a full tank of gas, but the fact remains that finding gas stations is much easier than finding charging points for your car. Tesla’s Model S electric car is quite popular, and the company has made no secret of its intention of letting customers drive coast to coast without worrying about running out of juice. You can now drive Model S coast to coast, Tesla has expanded its network of “Superchargers” so much so that a drive from L.A. to New York is now totally possible.

Calm your pistons, petrol heads, Tesla’s Superchargers aren’t contraptions that you slap on to your engine for an added oomph. They’re rapid chargers that provide 170 miles of range to the Model S if its plugged in for 30 minutes. Tesla says that over 70 such stations have been set up in North America, with approximately 80 percent of the U.S. population covered by Superchargers that provide electricity to owners for charging their cars at no charge. Stations have been set up near highway interchanges as well as properties in the vicinity of restaurants and cafes. So if you have a Model S that’s compatible with Superchargers and cost you $73,070, congratulations, you can now make coast to coast trips without consuming a gallon of gasoline.

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