google_signGoogle was primarily known as a search company and to a certain extent that’s what they still do. However the company has expanded its products and services into other fields, not to mention the company also has a Google X team which specializes in working on more outrageous ideas that may or may not be made a reality, which is great as far as allowing their staff to be innovative and creative without fear of being penalized in the event that an idea does not pan out. Well it seems that perhaps the team at Google X could be working on a new medical device of sorts because according to a report from Bloomberg, it seems that the company has recently held a meeting with the FDA.

So what makes this a medical gadget? Well for starters the FDA staff who attended the meeting specialized in devices that targets the eyes and heart, not to mention one of the Google X members, Brian Otis, holds a patent on a wireless contact-lens biosensor. Of course this is all speculation of course, but if anything it does highlight Google’s willingness to enter into new fields that might otherwise be completely unrelated to its core competency. As the meeting was listed only as a “meet and greet”, it is unlikely that the discussion was about an upcoming device, but definitely worth keeping an eye on, especially for those interested about Google’s future and where the company is headed.

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