jolla-europeBack in May of 2013, Finnish company Jolla announced their first smartphone running the Sailfish operating system. Since we’ve never tried it out for ourselves, we can’t speak to its quality, functionality, ease of use, and features, but over in Finland, it would seem as though the handset has been well-received, at least by some. The device has recently gone up for sale back in December of 2013 and according to the figures released by major Finnish retailers, it looks like the Jolla smartphone is doing pretty well. This is based on the figures released by Finnish retailer DNA, who at the moment is the only retailer carrying the device.

Based on their figures, it seems as though Jolla’s offering is sitting at a comfortable number 5 spot in their top 10 best-selling phones for December 2013, which is actually a spot above Apple’s iPhone 5s which came in sixth place! It also looks as though Nokia’s Lumia 520 is still dominating as it came the retailer’s fourth most popular phone for that month. We’re not sure if Jolla will be able to continue maintaining its popularity or if it was popular simply because customers wanted to try something new, so we guess we will just have to wait and see what the numbers tell us in the upcoming months to get a better idea.

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