man-saves-xbox-from-fireNormally, whenever a house or place is on fire, the first thing which we are all supposed to do is to run out from there without taking into consideration any of our personal belongings that are left within. It makes perfect sense – material items can always be purchased or replaced, but can you really bring someone back from the dead, or to raise yourself from the nether world? Hence, hat’s off to the courageous firefighters all over the world who have to brave scorching and dangerous situations every single day at work. A man in Kansas, however, displayed a different kind of bravado as he actually took the risk of running into his burning house just to rescue his Xbox console.

Now, it was not mentioned as to the kind of Xbox that he grabbed, but one thing’s for sure – it cannot be the original Xbox that was released all those years ago. Chances are, it would most probably be the recently released Xbox One that costs a pretty penny, or an Xbox 360 which has all of his saved games and scores within. One also ought to take note that the fire itself caused approximately $80,000 in damages, and miraculously enough, the man who made a dash for his Xbox despite running into a potentially fatal situation suffered only from smoke inhalation, without having any long term injury or burns.

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