nokia-lumia-1520-review-1There was a lot of controversy a couple of years ago when Microsoft revealed that Windows Phone 7 handsets would not be upgradable to Windows Phone 8. This was surprising given that for the most part, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android updates were made available to all, if not the majority of devices out there. Well the good news is that Microsoft will not be making that mistake twice as the company has revealed that they will be updating all Windows Phone 8 handsets to the next Windows Phone update when it is expected to be made available in the spring of 2014. Microsoft has not set a firm release date yet, but we guess Windows Phone 8 users will be pleased to know they will not be left hanging.

This is according to a Microsoft official who spoke to the folks at Computer World. This also seems to echo Microsoft’s sentiments from back in 2013 that Windows Phone 8 devices will not be left in the lurch. Like we said given Microsoft’s move with Windows Phone 7, many were worried that they would repeat it with the next update, and there were rumors that Microsoft would be doing that as well, but we guess Windows Phone users can breathe a sign of relief. Of course we expect that there will be plenty of new Windows Phone 8 devices later this year, but for those who don’t plan on upgrading their handsets anytime soon, we guess this is good news.

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