Back in December it was reported that Target had been the victim of a massive security breach which resulted into personal information of more than 40 million customers being compromised. The retailer did acknowledge that it was attacked, but assured customers that their bank PINs were safe and sound. Last week it was reported that the number of people affected by the Target hack might be as high as 70 million. We also heard recently that Neiman Marcus was hacked as well and according to Reuters, at least three other “well-known” U.S. retailers were hacked over the holiday shopping season.

Those retailers are yet to be named, though Reuters claims to have heard from “sources familiar with the attacks.” It is not known right now what kind of information has ended up in the wild due to these attacks and exactly how many people have been affected. The sources also claim that similar attacks might have taken place earlier last year as well. Investigation is still ongoing in the Target and Neiman Marcus attacks but so far it has not been found out exactly who carried out the attacks, law enforcement sources cited in the report believe that the ring leaders might hail from Eastern Europe.

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