target_year_round_price_matchThe other day we reported that retailer Target had experienced a security breach in which they had a lot of their customers’ credit/debit card numbers stolen, 40 million to be exact. Now according to reports, it seems that the stolen credit cards have surfaced in the black market where they are currently being sold from anywhere between $20 to $100 per card. According to cybersecurity firm, Easy Solutions, they have noticed that the stolen credit card market has increased anywhere between 10 to 20 times than normal, with the credit cards ranging from pretty much nearly every bank and credit union.

While in theory if the thieves could get ahold of the customer’s PIN, they would be able to withdraw money from their accounts, but Target’s CEO has stated that at the moment there is no indication that the PIN numbers have been compromised. Target expects to notify all their affected customers over the weekend but we’re sure with the news making its rounds, and judging the response on Target’s Facebook page, many are well aware of this. In any case if you are one of the affected customers, we guess we don’t have to tell you to call your bank and request for a new card, not to mention changing your PIN would probably be a great idea as well.

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