The world is definitely going green these days, and there has been plenty of effort made by different companies to make sure that we end up getting more from our vehicles and gadgets, but use less resources than ever before. In a nutshell, efficiency is the keyword here, and Philips clearly believes in this ideology with their latest device, their interpretation of the T8 tube. The T8 fluorescent tube lamp has been in action since the 1930s, where it is estimated that the total number of T8s available worldwide happen to be double the total number of people on the planet. While maintaining the mantra that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, the fluorescent tube could be even more efficient and cheaper to maintain, which is where the Philips Master LEDTube InstantFit lamp comes in.

The Philips Master LEDTube InstantFit happens to be the first true drop-in LED replacement tube, where it no longer needs any rewiring of the fixture to bypass the old fluorescent tube electronic ballast. This translates to such lamps making the switch over to LED by a maintenance worker, taking only a couple of minutes to do so, instead of requiring an electrician to get the job done. It might not sound like much, but when you multiply that amount by hundreds of lamps in a large supermarket or other business, it adds up to plenty of time “wasted”, so to speak. The Philips Master LEDTube InstantFit is also said to be able to save approximately 41% in electrical costs over an equivalent fluorescent tube, boasting of a 40,000 hour life span. [Press Release]

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