roku-tvWhat a way to start off the new year with the introduction of Roku TV. Yes sir, the Roku TV is not just some sort of software, but rather, it is an actual TV itself, which has been specially designed in order to provide consumers with a simple and powerful entertainment experience considering how the world today is connected in many aspects. Well, Roku has touted to offer the most popular streaming players in America, and with the introduction of Roku TV, it would do away with all of the complicated layers and menus, not to mention unnecessary features and settings which happen to be part of the smart TV experience today. You will instead be greeted by a Roku home screen which will be able to merge all content sources, giving you full access to the Roku Channel Store that has over 31,000 movies and 1,200 channels which boast of TV shows, live sports in addition to news, music, kids, food, science, tech, fitness, foreign language and other programming .

Apart from that, the Roku TV will feature a mere 20 remote-controlled buttons, which is a whole lot less compared to those found on traditional TVs, working with the minimum without detracting from the original experience. In addition, Roku TV can be navigated using mobile devices thanks to the Roku app for iOS or Android, in addition to supporting casting standards that include DIAL. Fret not, the Roku players will still be made available alongside Roku TVs. [Press Release]

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