drone-1Drones, for the most part, have made the news because of their warfare capabilities. After all imagine being able to land an airstrike on a target without anyone actually being in the plane, that would be pretty nasty, wouldn’t it? However we’ve also seen how drones can be used for good, such as to detect and fend of poachers of endangered animals, but now according to reports, it seems that Russia has developed an interest in drones as well, but not the flying type, but the ground type and possibly even amphibious models as well, meaning that the wars of the future might be fought with robots instead of human beings on the battlefield. Wars aren’t necessarily a good thing but we guess better robots take the heat than human beings.

The drones that Russia is reportedly interested in developing are apparently larger than what the Pentagon had demonstrated back in 2013, and those were pretty impressive and dangerous as it is, so we can’t imagine how much more dangerous and bigger Russia’s drones can get. Will Russia’s drones prove to be more effective than the US and other countries around the world? We’re not so sure we want to find out.

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