samsung-home-screenSerial leakster @evleaks has done it yet again, and this time around, they have revealed not a piece of hardware that is about to be launched, but rather, a new user interface that would make life a whole lot easier for the masses – at least theoretically speaking, that is. Samsung has had its fair share of interesting devices introduced at CES 2014, including a bendable TV, but this time around, @evleaks has revealed a brand new user interface known as Magazine.

It does seem that the more you look at Samsung’s Magazine UX, the more similarities you would discover between that alongside Flipboard and Windows Phone’s Metro/Modern user interface. I guess the folks over at Samsung were sitting under a bodhi tree when they stumbled upon the revelation that making a change to a tile-based interface would work in their favor compared to the well acquainted TouchWiz platform that they have championed all these years.

Needless to say, it remains to be seen whether Samsung has plans to make use of this new user interface for any of their future Android-powered smartphones, as the Magazine UX might end up as an experiment for all you know. But at least it shows the company is not too stubborn to change, starting with their TouchWiz user interface.

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