[CES 2014] A lot of announcements have been made at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 about new and innovative products, some might be out in the market soon while some might not progress further than the prototype stage. Samsung unveiled such a product, called the “Bendable TV,” this 85-inch 4K OLED TV can transform itself from a conventional flat screen to a curved TV at the touch of a button.

We first heard about this device back in December when it was rumored that Samsung’s prototype bendable TV will only be showed off to select journalists and analysts. That didn’t happen though, Samsung took off the wraps and let the public feast their eyes on something that might hit the market in the future. At this stage, the 85-inch 4K bendable TV is a prototype. Samsung says that giving users the ability to switch between a flat screen and a curved TV would enhance the experience, as they can easily switch the shape of the TV depending upon the content they’re watching. Even though the logic makes sense, it may still take a long time before a product like this hits the market. What Samsung is going to offer customers are a slew of curved 4K LCD TVs with screen sizes as high as 105-inches, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We got a demo of Samsung’s prototype at CES in Las Vegas and have embedded a video for your viewing pleasure. The entire process is very simple, press one button and this 85-inch TV transforms before your eyes. Go on, take a look at the future.

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