samsunglogoThe Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex are examples of some of the more dramatically curved displays we’ve seen to date, although they are hardly of the flexible material which Samsung showed off last year at CES called Youm. Now we’re sure many are wondering if and when devices with truly flexible displays will be released, and if the rumors are to be believed, perhaps 2015 could be when. This is according to industry sources who claim that Samsung showed off a 5.68” flexible display in secret during CES 2014, to a handful of analysts, VIPs, and potential clients.


Apparently Samsung’s technology was plenty impressive as those who attended the alleged secret presentation were amazed at how advanced Samsung’s display technology had gotten. One of the hurdles that the engineers had to overcome was how to prevent deterioration when the display had been folded and open a thousand times. Just like folding a piece of paper, eventually the middle becomes creased and weak and will tear easily after folding and reopening many times, but apparently Samsung has finally figured a way to go about preventing that from happening.

Now we’re not sure when we will see commercialization of this technology, but supposedly it is ready for mass production so there always be a small chance we might see the successor to the Galaxy Round this year, if not in next year’s models. In the meantime who else is excited about smartphones with flexible displays?

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