Samsung-Trek-Bike-Domane-6-Series-Note-3-GearFor the most part, bicycles have not been designed for smartphones in mind. The design of bicycles have changed over the years as technology has improved not just the materials used, but also the way bikes can be designed which makes them more aerodynamic and such, but smartphone integration for the most part has been left out. While we’re not sure if Samsung’s next foray into the market will be bicycles, the company did debut a prototype bicycle which was the result of Samsung and Trek Bikes’ partnership.

Basically what both companies have done is show off bicycles which are more smartphone friendly by incorporating handlebar docks in which one might be able to place their smartphone, although given that smartphones come in all shapes and sizes, the docks appear to play nicely with Samsung’s devices for now. The dock will also play host to other Samsung gadgets, like the Galaxy Gear which allows it to track various biometrics, such as the rider’s vitals and also how fast the bike is going.

Other prototypes also featured a charging system which takes the energy generated by pedalling and charging a device at the same time, like the Galaxy Note 3. Using pedalling power to charge smartphones is definitely not new, but is definitely a pretty cool idea anyway. We’re not even sure if Samsung plans to make these bikes a reality, but what do you guys think? Would you be interested in such a device?

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