sennheiser-hd8-dj[CES 2014] Sennheiser has just announced the HD8 DJ, HD7 DJ and HD6 MIX headphones at CES this year, where each of these have been specially developed in conjunction alongside some of the world’s top DJs. Whether you are creating music or to move crowds, all three of these new headphones will be able to deliver excellent, dynamic sound reproduction at the highest levels of external noise attenuation. Using durable materials, we end up with exceptional build-quality and unrivalled product support that ought to make these the headphones of choice for professionals as well as amateurs alike.

The HD8 DJ will target those who are lumped under the professional DJ group, where it offers truly excellent sound reproduction, and the HD7 DJ will deliver an engaging, dynamic sound which is ideal when it comes to playing live. Both of them will deliver a mid-low end emphasis, where the sound remains tight and does not overwhelm, while clarity is retained in the high frequencies. As for the HD6 MIX, this particular model is aimed primarily at studio-based music creation, where it offers a balanced, accurate sound for mixing and monitoring work.

Key features of these headphones will include excellent sound reproduction thanks to Sennheiser’s proprietary acoustics system, being capable of very high SPLs and are more than suitable for DJ performance environments.

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