PRNE-RED-n-eye-tracker[CES 2014] SensoMotoric Instruments has introduced their brand new SMI RED-n Consumer Eye Control Technology which will target both gaming and computing segments. This particular RED-n eye tracker offers robust, accurate and precise eye tracking technology without taking up too much space at all. In fact, it will arrive with an unprecedented small form factor at a mass market price which will satisfy OEMs and consumer applications. Right now, their technology is already ready and waiting for OEM customers to evaluate it, while the folks over at SMI happen to be working alongside a partner before they are able to announce a general available eye tracking peripheral that will target individual developers and dedicated end user applications sometime in the first quarter of the year.


The next-generation algorithms of the SMI RED-n have been touted to deliver unprecedented robustness and highest accuracy for monitor sizes up to 28”, not to mention being able to handle free head movements in a range of over four times larger compared to the current market available technology. Apart from that, the entire system measures a mere 8mm thin, allowing the RED-n hardware components to be be integrated into just about any device such as tablets, laptops and monitors, and it can also be used as an externally attached eye tracking accessory.

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