12.10.02-NestEarlier this week we reported that Google had acquired Nest, a company founded by former Apple engineer, Tony Fadell, where they created a smart thermostat which basically had the ability to learn your favorite settings. This is a big deal as many had thought Apple would be the company to eventually acquire Nest and bring Fadell back into the fold, although Google was not a bad choice since they had vast resources that could help Nest grow and reach a larger audience. Well it turns out that not everyone was happy about Google’s acquisition and in an interview with some former Nest users, it was found that some of them were so upset over Google’s acquisition that they actually returned their products.

According to one of them, a certain Marc Rotenberg who is the president of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, the reason he said returned his unit is because Google does not respect boundaries, citing examples of Google merging Gmail with Google+ which basically allows just about anyone to email you, and how by acquiring Nest, Google’s invasiveness just got taken to a whole new level. Privacy appears to be the biggest concern here and Microsoft’s Scroogled ads in the past have poked fun of Google over privacy concerns as well. While we doubt that Nest users will be returning their purchases in droves, we can see why some of them might be upset. What do you guys think?

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