It’s no secret that Microsoft and Google don’t particularly like each other, especially when Microsoft launched their Scroogled campaign whereby they poke fun at a number of Google products. This ranges from Gmail, to Google Docs, to Chrome, and the latest being Google’s Chromebooks which are essentially laptops running Chrome OS instead of your more typical Windows. In the latest Scroogled campaign, Microsoft has hired Rick Harrison and Richard “The Old Man” Harrison of reality TV show fame, Pawn Stars.

The ad basically shows a young lady coming into their shop trying to pawn off a Chromebook so she can go to Hollywood, but unfortunately Rick turns her down laughing, stating that without an internet connection, the Google Chromebook is essentially a brick. He goes on to slag other aspects of Google, saying that by using Chromebooks, it allows Google to spy on you and use your data for more targeted advertising. Granted a good deal of Chrome OS’s functionality requires internet connectivity, but lately there has been support for offline use, especially for those looking for productivity such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and etc.

In any case it certainly looks like Microsoft is stepping up their Scroogled campaign and if you have a few minutes to spare, perhaps this is a vide you’ll want to watch, just for some laughs.

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