sony_smarteyeglass5[CES 2014] Wouldn’t it be cool if you were watching a TV show and additional information about said show could show up while you’re watching it? Imagine watching a cooking show and instead of frantically jotting down the recipe and instructions, it were displayed in front of you while you watched? Or have a live Twitter feed going for you while you watched your favorite sporting event? Those are just some of the functions that Sony’s Smart Eyeglass is hoping to do. The company has recently unveiled the technology at CES 2014 which some are calling Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s SmartGlass technology.

As it stands, Sony’s efforts are still in its prototype stages and its functionality is limited at the moment and is definitely not tuned for gaming yet. However what it does have is what we mentioned earlier, which is the ability to overlay information in your vision to help supplement something that you could be watching on TV. However like we said, the Sony Smart Eyeglass is still in its prototype stages meaning that it is unclear as to when we might be able to get our hands on it, and how much it would cost, however with Sony’s new head mounted display pegged at $999, we expect that Smart Eyeglass could be priced somewhere around that region as well, give or take a few.

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