tekken-tag-tournament-2-screenshot_1280.0_cinema_720.0Movies made based around video games are a little iffy to say the least. There are some directors who choose to base the movie literally around the game which has resulted in a cringe worthy experience, and then there are those who make a movie just using the characters from a game, which is sometimes too far removed that viewers complain that it makes no sense. In any case if you’re hoping that maybe one day we could be getting a decent video game movie, there are a couple that are coming up, with the latest addition being Tekken, according to Cinema Today.

According to the report, the movie Tekken: A Man Called X is an upcoming live-action movie based on the Tekken franchise and will start martial artist Kane Kosugi. The movie is said to be a prequel to 2010’s Tekken movie which even Tekken’s franchise director, Katsuhiro Harada, called “terrible” due to the fact that the series’ producers were not able to supervise the movie. It is unclear if this time round it will be different and if Namco Bandai will play a bigger role in the movie, after all it is their franchise’s reputation on the line here. In any case what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to seeing if it will work out this time?

Update – Turns out Kosugi got it mixed up.

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