matias-securepro-640x346With all the reports of the NSA listening in on our calls, reading our emails, and just generally spying on us, we’re sure there are some out there who are starting to get a bit paranoid and want to secure their information anyway they can. Well if that is the case, does an encrypted keyboard sound like something you might be interested in? If so, Matias has a new keyboard for you in the form of the SecurePro (announced alongside the Ergo Pro at CES 2014). Different keyboards appeal to different types of users, naturally, but it seems that the SecurePro could be targeting quite a niche audience.

Not only does the keyboard come with an 128-bit AES encryption, it is also features a wireless Bluetooth connection, and appears to be compact enough to take around with you. So if you wanted a wireless, compact, encrypted keyboard, we guess Matias has you covered! According to Matias, the SecurePro has the strongest level of encryption ever to be offered in a keyboard, which would apparently take “a billion-billion years to crack”. The keyboard’s keys will be of the ALPS-style switches, so while it does offer that satisfying clacking sounds when typing, it will be quiet enough so as not to drive everyone around you crazy.

Priced at $170, Matias will be releasing the SecurePro keyboard in March, but for interested buyers they can head on over to Matias’ website to pre-order it today.

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