FK403-Left_610x458Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes and types, ranging from rubber domed keys to mechanical keys which are typically favored by writers, coders, and even gamers due to their increased tactile feedback along with the satisfying “clack” of the keys. For the most part, mechanical keyboard designs are pretty straightforward, save for the gaming versions which might come with additional macro keys and a more outlandish design to appeal to the gamer. But what about the user who wants mechanical keys and ergonomics at the same time? Unfortunately there aren’t too many solutions like that out there, but the Matias Ergo Pro is one of them.

Unveiled at CES 2014, Matias announced its new mechanical keyboard, the Ergo Pro, which not only features mechanical keys but sports an ergonomic design for the user who spends endless hours on end in front of their computer and is looking for a more ergonomic experience. Featuring 3 USB 2.0 ports, media control keys, and dedicated keys for copying, pasting, cutting, and undo, the Matias Ergo Pro will retail for a whopping $200, which is one of the more expensive mechanical keyboards we’ve come across to date. The company’s founder believes this price is justified due to mechanical keys having typically longer life, and also due to how much better it is to type on, which we have to say boils down to personal preference.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, it will be made available come August 2014, but customers will be able to pre-order the keyboard via the company’s website.

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