Tumblr is a very simple blogging platform and yet it has come a long way. Yahoo acquired it for $1.1 billion last year, and while not a lot of changes have been made since then, this latest feature is bound to increase interaction between Tumblr users. The platform now lets users @ mention and link to other users in specific posts. Users that are mentioned will receive a notification in their Activity tab.

The @ mention feature works just like it does on Twitter and Facebook. Simply typing a username after the @ symbol brings up a list of relevant matches. The user that’s to be mentioned can then be selected from the list, the mention would also serve as a link to their profile and will notify them of the post that they have been mentioned in. This new feature certainly marks the start of Tumblr’s journey to become more than a blogging platform, it brings it in line with rival platforms. Tagging has always been possible on Tumblr, previously users had to use hashtags to tag other users in their posts, hashtags also serve as the gateway to content consumption on the platform. This latest update just makes the experience a bit more easier.

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