vizioIt was just recently that Vizio announced their new lineup of television sets that were able to playback 4K video and came in sizes ranging from 50-inches up to a whopping 70-inches. Now given that these are 4K television sets, we’re sure many of you guys are thinking that just like other 4K TVs we’ve seen recently at CES 2014 that they will come with a pretty hefty price tag attached to them, right? Well the good news is that if you were after a 4K TV that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, Vizio has you covered as the company has recently revealed that their 4K television sets will start at a rather affordable $999.99 for the 50-inch model, but those who desire something a little bigger, you can look forward to forking out $2,599.99 for it, which admittedly is still pretty affordable as far as 4K televisions are concerned.

However with 4K TVs starting to become more mainstream, there also remains the issue of being able to get your hands on 4K content. After all Full HD 1080p is still considered to be the standard at the moment, meaning that there aren’t too many venues out there where one might be able to find 4K content. We guess there’s always Netflix who has promised to introduce content filmed in 4K resolution for the new year, so that’s one possible avenue. We also guess one might buy these 4K televisions to “future proof” themselves for the future where 4K will most likely become the standard. Either way what do you guys think? Anyone interested in a 4K TV for $999.99?

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