wii-u-domainWhile the original Nintendo Wii proved to be a success for the company, its successor, the Wii U, has proven to be anything but. Retailers have called the console’s sales disappointing, and despite having a head start on the PS4 and Xbox One, both consoles have managed to overtake the Wii U’s lifetime sales in a short period of time. Now there are a couple of reasons why the console has failed to make an impact. Firstly it is that there aren’t that many big title games available for it at the moment, and secondly developers aren’t too interested in developing for the console either, which is actually a vicious cycle of sorts, although thanks to an anonymous developer for the Wii U, they have revealed some of the reasons why developers might be holding back on creating games for the console.


According to the anonymous developer, the Wii U’s apparent sluggish CPU is one of the reasons of the lack of games. If the console isn’t powerful enough, how are developers expected to bring high profile games onto it, right? The developer also cites Nintendo’s lack of experience regarding online services as one of the reasons as well, along with the programming tools provided by the company which just weren’t up to scratch. In fact it seems that the folks at Nintendo weren’t experienced about either the Xbox Live or PSN where developers were told to stop referencing it simply because they could not make the connections. To sum it up, “They were trying to play catch-up with the rival systems, but without the years of experience to back it up.”

Of course different developers might have different reasons for choosing not to publish games on the Wii U, and we have also seen how some developers, such as Ubisoft, announce their support of the console. Also it should be noted that this is from a third party developer’s perspective, as Nintendo has in the past has had no problems putting out fun and exciting first-party games themselves, but what do you guys think? Do you agree with what this anonymous developer is saying about the Wii U?

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