Apple Maps has not exactly been the most accurate way to get around somewhere which you are not familiar with, as a grandmother in rural Pennsylvania can attest to. In fact, for the past one and a half years, Apple Maps has been sending skiers who rely on their iPhone to get around to her home, rather than the ski lodge which they intended to visit. Basically, Apple Maps would direct skiers who are on the lookout for Roundtop Mountain to go through Beaver Creek Road, but there is one major issue with such a directive – this route happens to be a dead end, as you can see for yourself in the embedded video above.

Grandmother Judy Saltsburg happens to live right at the very end of the dead end, and she did mention to TV station WGAL that in a single day, she has to come out several times to chat to travelers and provide information that these folk were taken for a ride, no thanks to incorrect information on Apple Maps. So far, all of them have argued that “My app says this is the way to Roundtop.”

It must be a trying time for Judy since there are clear signs that mark the road as a Dead End, in addition to homemade signs from Saltsburg. Still, this goes to show that blind faith in technology can be misplaced at times, and so far Judy’s efforts to contact Apple about this snafu remains unattended to.

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