connected-cars-645x403One of the reasons why there are car accidents is because drivers aren’t paying attention on the road, either due to talking on the phone or texting while driving. Other reasons could also include inconsiderate drivers who might brake suddenly or switch lanes without indication. Our ability to avoid these scenarios are sometimes based on our reactions and how fast we can react to such a situation, but since not everyone has quick reflexes, connected cars might be a viable solution. 


We have seen in the past how there have been concepts of connected cars, where they can “talk” to one another, such as relaying information where a car several cars ahead of you is braking, which in turn would alert you to slow down rather than relying on the brake lights of the car in front of you.

This is a good way of preventing accidents as well as creating a smoother flow of traffic, and this is what the Department of Transportation is hoping to make a requirement for all vehicles in the future. The department has recently announced their plans for a regulatory proposal in which it would require all vehicle manufacturers by law to include vehicle-to-vehicle communication devices. According to US Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, “By helping drivers avoid crashes, this technology will play a key role in improving the way people get where they need to go.”

Of course this sounds good in practice, but as it stands there is no standard when it comes to such communication devices, so hopefully that’s something car manufacturers can come to an agreement with in the future. In the meantime what do you guys make of this proposal? Do you think it will help reduce car crashes in the future?

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