When you order your gadgets and have them shipped to you, chances are you might end up using a courier service like DHL, TNT, UPS, and the likes. Well it seems that DHL might have a pretty cheek streak about them, a side to the company that maybe many did not know about as they pretty much pranked competing delivery companies into advertising for them. How did they do it, you ask? After all we’re pretty sure none of these companies in their right mind would willing and openly advertise for a rival, right?

Well what DHL did was they got some large boxes and taped them with thermo active foil. The boxes with the thermo active foils were then cooled down below the freezing temperature, -4C according to the video, which basically turned the entire box black, making it very nondescript. Competing delivery services were called to pick up the shipment and were asked to deliver it to addresses which DHL claimed were hard to find, but that wasn’t the issue. As the foils returned to normal temperatures, they changed back to a bright yellow, the colors of DHL, with a tagline that read, “DHL Is Faster”. For the most part the deliverymen didn’t appear too fussed, although they did look highly inconvenienced, except in one case where the deliveryman decided to tape over the words. Talking about trojan mails!

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