fujitsu-gloveNow here is a novel idea – how about infusing your glove with enough technology to make it a highly desirable wearable device? This is exactly what the folks over at Fujitsu have done, and their latest glove-style wearable device is one which flirts with the idea of gesture control. This is an NFC-enabled glove which has been described by Fujitsu to be able to function “reliably in multiple tasks and postures without being awkward.” Hmmm, I suppose it will take some getting used to in checking out this particular glove-style wearable device when someone is wearing it, since it is not exactly haute couture to begin with.

Fujitsu touts this particular wearable device to be able to be worn regardless of what you’re doing in your day-to-day tasks, and it would not misinterpret your conversational gestures if you love to gesticulate with your hands. The sensors within the wrist-mounted section are capable of detecting if your hand is held back in what is known as a “dorsiflexed position.” Considering how this position remains an uncommon movement in day-to-day tasks, the glove will remain inactive unless it is supposed to kick into action.

While we did bring you a story just yesterday concerning how a study suggested that we might end up bored of our wearables in just few months’ time after procurement, do you think that this unique invention by Fujitsu will take a far longer time than that for you to ditch it aside and let it gather a family of dust bunnies around? [Press Release]

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