Not all refrigerators are created equal, that is for sure. This particular magnetic refrigerator model from GE (General Electric) offers something that looks unconventional – considering how the researchers at the GE Labs have managed to let it run on magnets. This is a unique creation in the sense where it will run a water-based fluid through a slew of carefully positioned magnets, and by doing so, it will be able to trigger the magnetocaloric effect. This magnetocaloric effect is one where some metal alloys gain heat whenever they are located near magnets, followed by cooling down should they be pulled away from the same magnets. Imagine this concept being made flesh as magnets are pumped throughout the machine in such a way that the cooling aspect is captured all the time, and you have got a truly unique refrigerator.

So far, the tiny prototype is capable of reducing temperatures by up to 80 degrees, and in the test, it was filled with bottles of Coors Light that were warm at first. How apt! It is predicted that this prototype could be the template for a full sized model that will also up the efficiency stakes by 20% to 30% more compared to the existing refrigerators that are in the market. Cooling without using any chemicals? Will such technology be able to be translated to other home appliances like air conditioners? [Press Release]

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