There are many ways in which we can password protect ourselves. ATMs use PINs, internet websites use a combination of letters and numbers, smartphones can use patterns or biometrics, so the question is do we really need one more form of password protection? Well we guess it doesn’t hurt to be extra safe, and according to an announcement from SlickLogin, it seems that Google has acquired the company. The exact details of the deal still remain a mystery, but perhaps more details will surface later on.


So what is SlickLogin? Well for those who are unfamiliar, SlickLogin is a way of logging into a website using sound. What it does is that a website with SlickLogin will generate a sound that is nearly-silent, and an app running on your phone would then be able to pickup the sound, analyze it, and send it back to the website you’re trying to log into, ultimately verifying that you are who you are, or are at least in possession of the phone of the owner of the login credentials. It’s a pretty novel way of logging in and was designed to be either a password replacement or a two-factor authentication, where the sound might be played after the password has been entered.

It is unclear what Google has planned for SlickLogin, perhaps we might see it being used by Google’s online services such as Gmail and the likes, with the app built into future versions of Android itself? What do you guys think?

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