Google is the widely used online search engine in the world, and the company now does so much more than letting you search for anything and everything. YouTube is another one of Google’s highly successful online properties and today a new Google Search update aims to leverage that by placing YouTube videos front and center. Now if you search for a song on Google, a Google Now style card will be displayed. This card will feature a link to the song on YouTube, so people can simply click through to the video sharing website without having to open it in another window or tab.

Not only does the card contain a link to the song, it will also display information such as release date, album and artist. Even though the videos on Google Now styled cards might look similar to playable embedded videos, they’re basically thumbnails that direct you to the appropriate video on YouTube. A variation of this feature was live on Google by September 2013 though not a lot of people knew about it. Google claims that it has now made the experience even better, allowing users to simply search for a song directly in Google Search and watch as the relevant video screenshot appears as a Google Now card.

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