Honda-Vision-XSJust what are concepts and prototypes there for? Well, if you were to ask this particular question to the likes of Honda, the company would most probably answer your question this way – by shoving the Honda XS-1 in front of your face. The Honda XS-1 was spotted over at the 12th Auto Expo 2014 in India, where it happens to be a creative study model that in reality, makes up part of Honda’s vision for the future of manufacturing. This particular ride happens to be based on Honda’s original M/M (man maximum, machine minimum) concept, where it will fuse together a pair of different values, a styling along the lines of being sporty on the outside as well as amazing spaciousness.

Apart from that, the Honda XS-1 is also based on the Honda design concept, which is the Exciting H Design, representing Honda’s creativity in designing compact vehicles for a market that is growing around the globe. No mass-production plans are in the pipeline at this point in time for this particular model at the moment though. What do you think of the Honda XS-1’s design so far? Has it blown your socks off, or do you figure out that as a company, Honda could have come up with something so much better along the way?

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