kentucky-languagesLanguage have been described to be a living thing, never mind the fact that it is inanimate and does not possess any kind of spirit whatsoever. Vocabularies change along with the passage of time, and hence, it is interesting to take note that the Kentucky Senate has decided that computer programming classes will be classified as foreign language credits in public schools, where this bill was passed on Tuesday. Don’t you think that this particular move is quite a plucky one, not to mention progressive – whether it is a Southern state or not? There is a reason behind this move, as Kentucky as a state intends their students to play major roles in programming.

The bill’s sponsor, Senator David Givens, shared, “Those opportunities are there.” It is expected that by the time we arrive at the end of this particular decade, an expected 1 million programming jobs will be there in the market. Right at this point in time, a mere 2.4% of college students major in computer programming. This particular bill will affect high schools, and it might just be a nudge in the right direction that the other states might want to look into. Do you think that computer programming classes deserve to be lumped under the guise of a foreign language? After all, for some students, C++ could very well be Greek to them.

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