10x_logo_600x257-bd72c2004c95b57b303ce70f4cfb4929When you think of agents in the Hollywood context, you probably think of rock stars, actors/actresses, and pop singers who have people to help manage their career, find them new jobs, promote them and so on. It sounds pretty cool, right? Well it seems that if you live in Silicon Valley and you’re a “top coder”, it looks like there are agents out there who are willing to represent you and your career as well! This code agency known as 10X Management, was started up by Altay Guvench and two of his friends a year ago. Their job is to find freelance software programmers and help them get jobs, negotiate salaries and to help them track payments and bills, allowing the programmers to focus on what they do best – program!

Of course like rock stars and high-profile actors/actresses, not every code is worthy of having an agent. In order to be represented by 10X Management, a programmer needs to have their code reviewed by the company for quality checking purposes, and go through an interview process as well before they are deemed fit to be represented. Guvench admits that some companies are a bit taken aback when they find out they are talking to an agent for a programmer, but he claims that the companies they work with tend to appreciate the process in the end. Interesting stuff, what do you guys think?

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