These days OEMs are putting in a lot of time and resources towards improving smart access systems on their mobile devices. A popular method is fingerprint scanning, which Apple used in its existing flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5s. Called Touch ID, the scanner sits underneath the home button and only grants access to users that have configured their fingerprints. Its quite secure, seeing as how all eight billion plus of us have unique fingerprints, but LG claims its access control system found on the G Pro 2 is much safer. Its system is called Knock Code.

The way this system works is that users can unlock the device by tapping a knock pattern on any area of the screen, and it doesn’t matter if the display is on or off. Using between two to eight taps, there are over 86,000 possible knock combinations that users can set. Even if some might find LG’s claim debatable, its certainly a fast system. Users don’t have to turn on the display in order to enter the knock combination, saving them a precious second or two at the most. A report out of Korea claims that an LG official has also claimed that G Pro 2’s 13 megapixel optical image stabilization touting camera is amazing, as “those who use the camera for the G Pro 2 will be blown away.” This claim can only be put to test once the device is in our hands, and that might take a little while.

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