knock-codeAbout a week ago, LG announced Knock Code which was an evolution of the company’s Knock On feature. Basically what it does is that it allows users to “knock” a pattern on their phone in order to unlock it, even if the screen was off. LG claims that Knock Code is safer than Touch ID, especially when there are over 80,000 different combinations out there.

That being said, the good news is that LG has also announced that the Knock Code feature will not be limited to LG’s higher-end handsets, but will also be incorporated into the company’s low-mid ranged devices. This move is apparently LG’s way of making sure that they will be able to recapture their 3rd place ranking in worldwide sales of mobile devices.

This position was usurped recently by Huawei in the third quarter of 2013, and it is a position that LG wants to reclaim. Granted the Knock Code does sound like a useful feature and a great way to prevent people from reading our phones, but we’re not sure if it is a feature that customers absolutely must have when they purchase their phones.

After all smartphone users have long relied on PINs and pattern unlocks to safeguard their phones from prying eyes, not to mention if a hacker wanted to gain access to your phone, we’re pretty sure they will find a way inside your phone (through malware for example), Knock Code or not. As it stands, Knock Code is available on LG’s recently announced handsets like the G Pro 2, G2 Mini, LG L90, L70, and L40, and the LG F70 and F90 handsets.

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