surface-2-review--022Just the other day Microsoft began to offer PlayStation 4 owners $100 in store credit to trade-in their console for the Xbox One, but it looks like that’s not where the promotion stops. In fact apart from attempting to lure customers over to Microsoft, the company has apparently expanded its store credit program and will now be offering customers up to $250 in Microsoft retail store credit if they were to bring in an older smartphone or tablet, just as long as it is in working condition. Of course we don’t expect Microsoft to give every customer $250 in credit, but presumably if you were to bring in a newer device that is in great condition, your chances would be higher.

At the same time Microsoft is also trying to entice customers to use its Surface 2 tablets where presumably the store credit that you have been given from your smartphone/tablet trade-in can be used towards purchasing a brand new Surface 2 device from Microsoft which is priced starting at $449. This offer will expire on the 2nd of March 2014, so if you have older smartphones or tablets you want to get rid of, now’s a good time to do so, but either way it looks like Microsoft is getting pretty aggressive in their attempts to get customers to hop on over to the Windows/Xbox bandwagon.

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